The Best Housekeeping Services in Cleveland – What Should You Expect?

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Using a professional housekeeping service is much different than most of us are used to, especially those who’ve hired cleaning people on Craig’s List or from classified ads on your local Cleveland community site or newspaper. Those tend to be smaller, 1-2 person operations, and more often than not you won’t be satisfied with the level of cleaning that you get.

So what can you expect when you use a service like Sunny Cleaning? We’re glad you asked…

High Quality Cleaning

Sunny Cleaning is one of the top housekeeping services in Cleveland, and that’s because we offer the highest level of cleaning for your home. We make sure everything is spotless from top to bottom, from ceiling fans to your floors and everything in between. We’re dedicated to providing the best cleaning you’ve ever had. And that’s how it should be when you use a professional service.

Experienced, Professional Cleaners

A cleaning service is only as good as its cleaners right? We surely believe that. That’s why we only select the very best, most experienced maids in the industry. All of our house cleaners undergo a stringent vetting process and background check before they are hired. Plus, our cleaners must maintain high ratings from our Cleveland customers. So you can rest assured knowing your cleaner will be top-notch!

Less Cleaning Time For Yourself

One thing that we hear from our customers quite often is that they simply don’t have the time to clean their homes thoroughly. They try to vacuum as often as possible, and not let the dishes pile up too high, but as far as keeping the house spotless…it’s a very hard task. That’s where we come in. Sunny Cleaning can come to your home every week if you need us to, or we can come less often if you’re able to maintain your home in between appointments. Give us a try and we know you’ll be booking more regular appointments to keep your Cleveland home spotless all year ’round!

Wide Range of Cleaning Service Options

Sunny Cleaning provides standard cleaning, but we also provide deep cleaning for those who haven’t had their homes cleaned in a few months, and move-in/move-out cleaning for those who are transitioning. We’ll also target specific areas like windows, refrigerators, ovens, blinds, and any other spots that need special attention. Whatever level of cleaning service you need, we can do it!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How many maid services in Cleveland offer a satisfaction guarantee? We’re so sure that you will be thrilled with your cleaning that we actually guarantee it 100%! If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning (a rare occurrence), we’ll come back to your home to ensure it’s cleaned to your liking. You can’t beat an offer like that. Book your appointment online or call us today!

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